"Mark Twain said, 'It is best to read the weather forecast before praying for rain.' Have a nice day, boys n' girls, but be sure to bring an umbrella with you."

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((okay and also i did this like a week ago and was going to upload it when i uploaded a whole bunch of other art, but since i haven’t had my art folder full of unfinished requests to work on until today, Iiiiii had to keep my pencil occupied doing something to keep from “getting outta practice”


this scene of kidkold’s prettyboysquishy little faceclaim <3

with a twist:

SO THEY’RE RUNNING. and somehow wally’d managed to convince leo to ditch the shirt as well snrrk. but as they stop to rest and catch their breath, wally suddenly whips out a stopwatch and “LEO GET READY TO HOLD YOUR BREATH, ON YOUR MARK GET S—” “WAIwaiwaiWAIT a… a second i just… stopped for air…!!!” “NO, nonono, this is for science please trust me and don’t question it” and we know what happened the last time wally guinea pig’d leo for “science” uhuhu BUT Leo sighs in defeat and “… fine.” “COOLTHENONYOURMARKGETSETGO”

and thus the scene plays out. Plus a bonus whatchimihoosit at the end. And I was gonna add Leo being flustered like “IS THAT WHAT YOU WERE ‘TESTING ME’ FOR?! WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU WANT TO KNOW THAT?!" and wally does that thing where he casually avoids questions by laughing and jogging off, the end \o/))

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