"Mark Twain said, 'It is best to read the weather forecast before praying for rain.' Have a nice day, boys n' girls, but be sure to bring an umbrella with you."

((Independent Teen Rogue!Wild Weather (Mark Mardon) rp account.


Icon image credit goes here, to the lovely JustM3h. c; ))


((a few unfinished doodles + sketches because I needed to unwind a bit 

messymessy because no reference gross;;;; and aw crap axel looks like his teeth are gapped jfaosdijag it’s just a lighter line ugh;; but hey, Axel! \o/ what a fantastic little shit there is no excuse for me to not draw him more often

also reread Rogues’ Revenge for the zillionth time on Saturday, and couldn’t help thinking about Mark’s “guilt”. We only saw one piece of the flashback- the direct action part. But what about after the smoke had cleared? >’v>))

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